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How to find yourself more time & boost your mental health by booting one bad habit.

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

What is this bad habit? MINDLESS SCROLLING.

Mindless Scrolling: Scrolling through Instagram or any other social network for the sake of just looking with no goal or intentions. 

This can be a dangerous thing not only for your valuable time but potentially your mental health.

Twenty minutes here, ten minutes there and all of a sudden you’ve lost track of time and can no longer get back that extra 30 valuable minutes in your day that could have used to walk the dog, read a book, cook a healthy dinner or do a quick workout (whatever makes you happy!).

And not only that, but mindless scrolling can have other negative effects, like leaving you feeling emotionally drained, envious or just not feeling good enough.

Scrolling with no goal or intention, we tend to come across so many posts and accounts that we can’t help but compare ourselves to. Whether it’s their lifestyle, their wardrobe, their vacations, their body/psychique, their business, etc. we feel that what we are seeing in just a few photos or videos is the whole truth and compare it to our own messy, hectic and crazy lives. 

But that is simply not the truth. 

Mindless scrolling, social media, scrolling

Almost no one will show all of the work and editing’ it took to have their photo look the way it does, or the lifestyle they want others to think they have. Most accounts will only share the ‘good’ that is happening, which is not the truth and should never be something you should compare yourself to. 

And I know, easier said than done. 

But if you walk away with the three points below, you’re on a great path to making more time in your day and boosting your mental health to a happier and more intentful life!

Three things to takeaway:

  1. Scroll with intention! Whether it’s looking for content inspiration, need a laugh, want a new recipe to try, a new workout to tackle, tips or tricks from others who are in the same field as you, etc. There are so many amazing accounts who share great tips, tricks and information.

  2. Most people post only show the GOOD, not the bad and the ugly moments of their life. No one is perfect and please don’t ever feel like you or your life isn’t good enough because of how someone posts on social media (you are amazing). 

  3. Make your social media timeline a HAPPY place! If there is a specific person(s) or account that makes you feel sad/envious/angry or any sort of negative emotion when they pop up on your newsfeed, unfollow them (or mute them!). The people you follow should make you feel happy and inspired when they appear on your screen, not the opposite. Trust me, you will feel so much better once you do this important step.

To summarize in one easy sentence - scroll with INTENTION and make your social media a HAPPY place to spend your valuable time on.

Your time and mind will thank you.

Happy scrolling! 

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