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How to Turn Followers into Clients

You've said it time and time again, "writing content is HARD!"

My friend, I totally agree with you.

Writing captivating content takes time and effort but I promise you, all of that time you've spent smacking your head against a wall looking at a blank screen trying to come up with something that your audience is going to benefit from will be SO worth it!

And here is how do it.

H - Hook

I - Insight

C - Call to Action

Short and sweet, eh?

Let me break it down for you.

A hook is using the right words to captivate your audience. To stop their scrolling and have them wanting to press "Read More" because they want to know what you have to say.

Next, you've grabbed their attention, and now you are going to reel em' on it with your INSIGHTS!

Every great caption serves your followers in some way. You want to add value and make sure that when they stop to read your copy, you aren't wasting their time. Are you teaching them something new? Are you inspiring or motivating them? Are you making them laugh or smile?

Finally, you've hooked them in and you've shared some insight. Now what? Often times we focus so much on the first two steps that we forget about the most important aspect of social media: Engagement! And here is where your Call to Action steps in. What do you want your audience to do? Ask an engaging question and tell them to leave their answer in the comments. Invite your followers to check out the link in your bio for more information and to let you know what they think. Invite them to send you a DM with their favourite recipe. The list can go on!

Having engaging content not only builds trust in you and your business, but builds long lasting relationships and CLIENTS!

But I get it. Some things are easier said than done.

Let me break it down with some examples!

"You're not going to believe this, (HOOK) but yesterday I finally launched my website after sitting on it for two years!

I found this amazing tool called "XYZ" and it helped me organize all of my ideas and content so I could easily upload them. (INSIGHT) If you need help with content organization, I would definitely recommend downloading the app!

What are your favourite apps that have helped with in business? Leave them in the comments below! (CALL TO ACTION)

To help you get started, here are a list of great 'hooks' and 'call to actions' that you can apply in your upcoming content!


- Have you made this mistake?

- I have a secret...

- A guide to solve ...

- Three different ways to make ...

- You won't believe this, but...

- I have a confession to make.

- The life/business hack you've been waiting for!

- I wish I'd known this but ...

- Ways to increase ...

- Simple rules to ...

- Types of __ that you didn't know about.

- Top # ways to solve ...


- Leave your thoughts in the comments below

- Do you have any questions about ___?

- What do you think about ___?

- Drop an emoji if you feel the same way

- DM me to learn more!

- Check out the link in my bio and let me know what you think!

- Sign up for free here!

- Show me your favourite ___ by tagging me in your stories!

- Double tap to show some love!

And just like that, you're ready to create captivating content!

I hope you've found this hopeful. If you have, show this bog some love with giving it a heart or comment.

As always, I'd love to stay in touch.


Wishing you all the success!


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